Wedding Dresses Collection by Atelier Yooj

yooj_1All dresses of Yooj reflect his love for the more ductile materials, impalpable, precious, that adapt perfectly to his creative style.
The specific request of some of his customers pushed Yooj to apply his creativity to a particular context and very demanding, what the wedding dress, paving the way for this new and exciting experience tailoring.

The results were absolutely dreamy, Watching its leaders, automatically displaying images of moments suspended in time.

It ‘difficult to define the style Yooj transmits to his creations. You might think of a “new liberty”, a style a little ‘retro soul but with actual, responsive to the needs and characteristics of women today. Wedding dresses, so romantic, very feminine, refined, elegant lines, but with free loose, followed by the body in its softness, thanks to the characteristics of the materials, long sought and selected with rigor, and the techniques of tailoring , absolutely handmade, often borrowed from ancient Eastern traditions. The combination of these features, however, suggests a concept of stylistic sobriety, which embodies the image of true elegance and the wonder of beauty, making these garments perfectly suited to any context and type of ceremony.


Made with pure silk fabrics, embellished with lace and silk tulle French by precious embroideries done in India according to the ancient technique kantha, these wedding dresses are made completely by hand, using techniques of the nineteenth century. The dyeing preparation of materials is carried out by an ancient and traditional laboratory Como, birthplace and symbol of excellence in the production of silk in Italy.

In addition to wedding dresses, Yooj created for “his wives” also wonderful precious cashmere stoles, also worked with its usual criteria of quality, uniqueness, care, refinement by skilled Italian artisans.