How to plan your wedding around work

aweddingideasPlanning a wedding can take up a lot of your time and chances are you already have a full time job. You will need to learn to multitask and make the most of your time. Here’s how;

Your commute – If you travel on the subway/ bus use your phone or laptop to go through your lists, send emails and get inspiration by surfing the net. If your commute is not noisy, you could even make a few calls. If you drive to work, use the voice notes feature on your phone for quick ideas and inspiration. For wedding music selection, down load a few songs on a CD and listen to it on your drive.

Lunch Hour – Take a few minutes of your lunch hour to fire a few vendor calls. To stay on track, write down the points you want to discuss.

For wedding planning while at work, here are a few tips, so you don’t get caught;

Get online – Don’t bring your wedding planner with fabric swatches and cut outs to work. Instead, hop online and spend some time saving a few ideas and images.

Watch your back – When surfing online, minimize or close a wedding related page, if you are stepping away from your desk.

Stay on task – If your team and you are working on a big project, which is due shortly, this may not be the best time to look for wedding inspiration. Instead choose a time when you are a lot less busy. Usually this would be in the early mornings hours, when you reach your desk.