5 Reasons to have a wedding without a bridal party

Most weddings include a bridal party, but a recent trend has seen many couples marrying without bridesmaids or groomsmen and here are five reasons why.

You don’t need their help – If you are a couple who plans everything and prefers to take on all the tasks of organizing a wedding, you may find that you don’t need the help of a bridal party.

They might not help anyway – Although you may need the help of your bridal party, the chances are that most of them will not be able to help or have other commitments planned. Consider who you would like as your bridesmaids and groomsmen and consider if these are people who are genuinely helpful and reliable before you decide.

Ask for help – If you need help with wedding invitations or organizing your day, look at asking a friend who is reliable for help. Most often your friend will be more willing to help as they may feel that there is no pressure involved and that the request is an one off one.

Avoid drama – You may have bridesmaids who just don’t get along with your other bridesmaids, family or friends and this can make things quite awkward. Other times bridesmaids can be more demanding than the bride which can leave the bride feeling less than special.

You don’t need them for the pictures – If you are a couple who loves the camera and are comfortable enjoying each other’s company, you can skip the bridal party and enjoy your time in the limelight.

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