Honeymoon activities for the adventurous newlyweds


If you’re a couple who is looking to experience something different on your honeymoon, other than the usual fancy honeymoon destination stay, here are a list of activities for the adventurous;

Tandem Kayaking – Kayaking is available at most resorts, but Tandem Kayaking involves Kayaking in open water at secluded rivers and beaches. You could take your own bottle of bubbly together with some strawberries and cream for extra thrills.

Environmental Volunteering – If you are a couple that loves to help mother nature or give back to local communities, this is a good way to start your marriage. These volunteer projects range from animal, land conservation and local community projects. It is a good way to see a country from a different angle and give back to the community.

Scuba Diving – Explore the sea world and enjoy breathtaking views of the ocean together. You could hire a boat with a guide, which can include a meal and a sunset to sweeten the deal. You will need to complete your open water diver certification at your destination prior to your dive.

Microlight flight – This is a open mini aircraft that will give you views to remember for a lifetime. You will be able to see your honeymoon destination from way up high and enjoy soaring through the sky.

Deep-Water Solo Climbing – If you’re a couple who climbs or has climbing experience this is an adventure that should not be missed. This type of climbing involves no ropes but your fall will be broken by the sea. You can hire a boat to relax between climbs.