How to choose a Maid of Honor

aweddingideasChoosing a maid of honor can be a difficult process. You have to choose from close friends, family and friends whom you have been a maid of honor for. Here are a few tips to select the right maid of honor for you;

Keep it simple – Don’t feel like you have to choose someone to be your maid of honor out of obligation. The maid of honor you choose, should be a person who you cannot imagine getting married without. However, the maid of honor’s role is important, therefore, the person you choose, should also be responsible and supportive.

Choosing Family – If you are choosing between a family member (like a sister) and a friend, you can always choose family. In this case, a good friend will always understand that family comes first.

Have more than one – If you can’t choose a maid of honor have two or have none at all. The bridesmaids can share the duties of helping to organize the wedding and the bachelorette party.

A man could be your maid of honor – Weddings nowadays, are all about whom you are most connected to. If you like to have your best male friend, your father or brother, as your “man of Honor” this is fine too.

Remember that your wedding party should include people you feel the closest to. Try to avoid wedding politics, as this can cause you unnecessary stress. Even if you have been a maid of honor before at a friends wedding, you shouldn’t feel obliged to do the same.