How to plan the perfect wedding menu

Ensuring you give yourself and your wedding guests the best tasting wedding meal, is one of the couple’s priorities when planning their wedding. To make sure you nail your wedding meal follow these simple steps;


  1. Budget- Everything from the appetizers, cocktails and the type of meal served (buffet style or sit down) will depend on your budget. Your budget will also depend on the number of guests you intend to include at your reception. The more guests you invite the less spend you will have per person.
  1. Choosing your caterer- Finding the right caterer can take some time. Make sure you look for one, at least 10 months in advance. If you’re using a venue that requires you to use their caterer, request for a tasting prior to booking your venue. If you have the time, meet the chef and ask him/ her what their suggestions are. A mark of a good chef is that he should be flexible to his clients needs.
  1. Dietary restrictions- speak to your chef and find out if the menu offers options for guests who maybe gluten or dairy free. For vegetarian guests you may want to include a number of dishes that even meat lovers would enjoy.
  1. Serving style- If you’re looking to invite mostly guests who like to mingle and dance the night away, opt for appetizers and cocktails instead of a sit down meal. On the other hand, if you want your wedding meal to be the focus of your event, opt for a sit down dining with many courses.