How to throw the best wedding ever

Article Written by : The Official Law of Attraction

Weddings are meant to celebrate the couple’s love for one another. A fun wedding celebration will definitely ensure an event that you and your guests remember for many years to come. Here are a few wedding reception tips that will make your wedding day is a memorable one.

Keep your ceremony brief – Long drawn ceremonies are tiring for the couple as well as your guests. To keep everyone happy, plan a wedding ceremony that is around 20 minutes long.

Choose a personalized program – A personalized program will let all your guests know details like time, a breakdown of ceremony proceedings and how you would like them to photograph or not to photograph your event. Your program will also keep them busy if the ceremony runs late.

Use a wedding app or a hashtag – Interactive wedding apps help your guests to upload pictures into one single location. If you prefer something easier, give your guests a clever hashtag that they can tag all their pictures with.

A wedding basket to welcome guests from overseas or out of town – If you have organized a destination wedding, your guests would have had to take the time and spend a fair bit of money to be part of your day. Therefore appreciate their presence by sending them a welcome basket to their hotel. Include items like a few snacks, a bottle of wine and some resources about the local area.

Greet your guests – You may only really greet your guests once during your wedding. Therefore make it a point to do this at the start of the evening.