5 wedding tips that bridal magazine will not tell you

Good and bad surprises are common leading up to a wedding and the wedding day. Here are some tips that will help any bride overcome the unexpected.

  1. Make a list of things to bring back – You may want to keep some items from your wedding as keepsakes or use them on your first anniversary. Therefore, make a list of items that you want back from your wedding event and give them to your bridesmaids or a wedding coordinator.
  2. Assign someone to download as many photos as possible – It is nice to have copies of photos that your guests have taken as they may get some candid shots. Your photo catcher will have to download as many memory sticks as possible to a designated laptop.
  3. Make some time just for yourself – It is difficult to think straight when you always have to do something, answer a question or receive a well-wisher. Therefore, on your day, schedule some time to do nothing and relax before you have to get ready for your event.
  4. If you’re freaking out, do something more “normal.” – If you find the whole event overwhelming, find a close friend and a secluded spot. Then have a chat about something else other than the wedding and your honeymoon.

Provide a detailed hand over to your wedding party – This is a great way to ensure that everyone knows what is happening and when they need to step in. Start off by typing a clear schedule and then keep amending it as you get closer to your wedding. Your final copy should clearly state all the details of the event and who should be contacted in case something goes wrong.

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