6 Wedding color and style mistakes to avoid

You want your wedding colors and style to coordinate effortlessly and make sure that every detail is pleasing to the eye. Here are six wedding color and style mistakes you should avoid.

Using too many colors – Look at sticking to two or four colors that you cohesively flow with one another. Narrowing your palette will also keep your elements like your centerpieces less messy. For a rustic look, go for shades of the same color, which will add depth without the chaos.

Limiting yourself to two distinct colors – Limiting yourself to two distinct colors can make sourcing items difficult. Instead, opt for colors that are similar for example sky blue can be paired with off white and gray or pair together colors like orange, red, yellow, brown and gold.

Choosing trendy colors – Your color palette should be one that you wouldn’t get bored with as you will have your photos framed and will have to look at them every day. Instead look at the colors you surround yourself with on a daily basis and use this color palette as a guide.

Overdoing one hue – Having too much of your color palette can be tiring. Therefore, look at balancing your palette, by mixing a bright color with a more subdued shade.

Choosing predictable colors – If you have selected colors that come with obvious inferences, like for example red, white and blue, or red and green look at downplaying the pallet with other hues. Add dimension by adding a subtle color to your linen, bouquets or bridal attire.

Ignoring texture – You can incorporate the same color side by side if they have different textures. For example, you can include an off white velvet runner with off white cotton napkins. Mixing textures is an easy, effective way to add character and a modern twist to your wedding.


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