Wedding Dresses Couture Hayez

couture-hayezCouture Hayez offers Wedding dresses tailored and refined, characterized by embroidery and special processes that presents the annual Great Defilè of Tailoring: Tailors show that features the most prestigious Milan in a unique and full of charm Couture.

The creations Bride, evening and ceremony, are characterized by a unique style, elegant but always contemporary and fresh. The study of patterns is always attentive to new trends and faithful to the great Sartorial Italian Tradition. The clothes are made exclusively in the fact Tailoring Internal Atelier in Milan, where they are carefully followed all the stages of production.

The lines in styles ranging from Minimal Chic, the New Classic reinterpreted in a modern key. Couture Hayez pays great attention to the quality of the fabrics using noble and natural fibers such as Georgette, Organdies, Mikado, Rasi Duchesses and all the other evolution of silk over the skillful use of embroidery and lace Valencienne or Rebrode ‘. It also proposes also innovative lines and fabrics like lace or cotton alternative jerseys, to achieve the desires of a new generation of brides.