6 Cheap Bachelor Party Ideas

aweddingideas july 2016.hIf the usual bachelor party that includes a nightclub is not your thing, here are 8 cheap bachelor party ideas that are budget friendly and lots of fun.

Baseball Game – For something that is virtually free and affordable, organize a baseball game at your local park with a cooler of beer. Not only will your squad get some exercise they will also have lots of fun.

Bachelor Bowling – Bowling is a fun way to get a bachelor party going. To up the stakes divide the guys into two teams. Make sure the losers pay for the pitchers.

Poker Faces – A great guys night in is not complete without poker. Get some fancy cigars, drinks and cards ready and ask the guys to pitch in for the groom’s pot.

Sports Night – Arrange the bachelor party on the night of a big game of basketball, baseball, hockey or another sport. You could either arrange it at your local bar or at one of the guys homes. Order some chicken wings, chips and beer, to the get party started.

Video Arcade – If your groom is a geek and loves video games, a video arcade is a good choice for a bachelor party. Look for an arcade with a bar or restaurant close by, so that you can extend the party.

Karaoke Night – There’s nothing more fun than a karaoke performance. Make sure the groom is in good spirits and then give him the mic.