Original Alternatives to the Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is generally an extravagant and wacky addition to weddings. However, modern weddings have demonstrated that at the moment of cake-cutting, it does not have to be a cake at all. These ideas below might help you in choosing the best alternative to the traditional, and quite dated wedding cake.

Wedding Cheese Cake

The cheese cake here does not refer to the traditional New York dessert, but rather to blocks of real cheese stacked one upon the other. This is perfect for couples who do not particularly have a sweet tooth.


A fun alternative to the wedding cake that would be pleasing to guests with a sweet tooth is the pancake display cake. These can be decorated with classic pancake accompaniments such as whipped cream, berries, chocolate sauce or maple syrup. Guests would be delighted with the possibility to add their own toppings.

Individual Cakes

Instead of having cake tiers, going for individual cakes is a more cost-effective alternative. Cupcakes can be made of different flavors and each guest would be having the option to taste each of them. Popular flavors are chocolate, vanilla and pistachio. However, flavors can be made more decadent and the decorations can also be played with to yield elegant pieces.

Doughnut Mountains

For bridal couples who are fans of this American delicacy, a doughnut mountain is ideal as a fun alternative to a wedding cake. Just like for the cupcakes, these can be made in different flavors and they are easy to share with guests.