Choosing a Shade Of Grey for the Wedding Suit

Even though navy and cobalt colors have made their appearance in the groom’s closet, a timeless and classic color for the wedding suit still remains grey. There are various shades of grey and the list below might help you find the perfect one.

  1. Cloud Grey

This shade is perfect for weddings held in summer or spring. It is a bright light grey and would suit pastel themes or colors in the family color palette. The perfect tie or bow tie pairing for this color would be lavender or a soft dusty pink. For shoes, you might want to opt for tan or brown.

  1. Battleship Grey

This tone of grey is darker than the cloud grey and is great for winter weddings. However, it still remains bright enough for summer weddings as well. The advantage of this shade is that it goes well with just about any color. Even colors such as orange would look great with this color.

  1. Ash Grey

This is a rich shade in the medium-grey tone. The ash grey is better left for the groomsmen or the father of the bride. Colors such as yellow look great with the ash grey suit. This is quite a classic color and for boutonniere, you might want to opt for a yellow dahlia.

  1. Slate Grey

This is a dark grey color that it close to black. This is a great choice for the classic tuxedo. Bold colors such as violet, coral and teal look particularly good with a slate grey suit. Dark grey suits need to be paired with navy or black shoes.