Cubic Zirconia Vs. Real Diamonds

You might be surprised how similar cubic zirconia looks to real diamonds.  CZ platinum jewelry is often mistaken for the real thing.  Due to the similarity in appearance, cubic zirconia is the main competition against real diamonds, as far as commercial production goes.

As far as color goes, CZ can be made with absolutely no color where as diamonds typically have some color to them.  Diamonds naturally have a yellow or brown tinge.  It is rare to find a diamond that’s completely colorless.

Cubic Zirconia is the cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide (ZrO2).  Zirconium dioxide is a mineral that’s usually synthesized to appear like diamonds.  CZ is made from synthetic materials while diamonds are natural materials.  Diamonds are naturally occurring minerals and an allotrope of carbon.  As far as solidity, cubic zirconia is relatively hard and is actually harder than many gemstones.  However, diamonds are harder than cubic zirconia.  Diamonds are actually the hardest known natural material.

There are also differences in the density and thermal conductivity between the two materials.  Cubic zirconia is a thermal insulator where as diamonds are one of the best thermal conductors out there.  Diamonds are even superior to most metals as far as thermal conductivity is concerned.  Cubic zirconia surpasses diamonds in density as they are 1.7 times denser than diamonds.

Perhaps one of the most significant differences between the two is the cost.  Diamonds are considered precious and can be extremely expensive.  Cubic zirconia is a great alternative for those on a budget that still want to have a beautiful anniversary cz ring.