Jewellery-Inspired Wedding Theme Ideas

Written by Cynthia Findlay Antiques

Searching for a wedding theme? Planning a wedding is not easy, especially when it comes to selecting a theme. So many themes have been done before and there’s a lot of pressure to do something new and exciting. How about a theme based on jewellery designs? Cynthia Findlay Antiques offers the following wedding theme ideas inspired by popular jewellery styles available at her retail store in Toronto, Canada.

Art Deco

Made in the 1920s, Art Deco jewellery has stood the test of time because it’s bold, beautiful and edgy. To throw a wedding focused on an Art Deco theme, think the Roaring 20s or “The Great Gatsby.” The bride and her bridesmaids can wear flapper-like dresses, with feather headpieces and pearl and diamond jewellery. This classic and unique wedding theme can be infused into the design for the invitations, decorations, and even the car that drives you away to your honeymoon. Don’t forget to complete the look with vintage and antique jewellery, such as antique rings.


This unique time period between 1935 and 1950 produced jewellery that was very different from the Art Deco period. During the Retro jewellery period, styles were “big and bold”, so make sure that the jewellery reflects this style. For a retro wedding theme, think Marilyn Monroe, red lipstick, and sofa fountains. The bridal party can wear 50’s inspired dresses and suits and the entire theme can be expressed in everything from the flowers to the menu. For example, you can serve root beer floats as dessert and drive away in a classic 1950s vehicle.
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