4 Unique Wedding Reception Ideas

Every bride wants to make sure that her special day goes off as perfectly as possible. In other words, having just another run-of-the-mill affair just won’t do.

Making your wedding celebration a unique requires ideas that are no different. Here are 4 of these wedding reception ideas:

1: A Lounge Area at Your Reception

Creating a lounge area in the reception can give guests place to mingle during dance breaks. You can place couches, chairs along with cushions for this reason. This way they remain interested in the party even if they’re resting. Better still: cover the area with curtain to give it that VIP vibe.

2: Nominate Reception Ushers

Most weddings have ushers that help guests to their ceremony seats. However, reception ushers are a good idea too. Here, reception ushers can guide guests to their tables for a memorable fine dining experience. Check with your caterer or even the reception venue whether their staff can help with this. If not, you can easily find a few ushers who can do this as well.


3: Arrange for Cool Guest Transportation

If you’ve arranged for guest transportation, then it’s a good idea to make it fun. A hot air balloon ride could be one such idea. Probably, you get nostalgic with a set of charming yellow buses. You can even play fun music along the way or even put up signs that have cool captions too.

4: Offer Pre-Ceremony Drinks

Your guests won’t be expecting any drinks. Not until the ceremony, at least. This can be a wonderful surprise. For this, arrange light pre-ceremony drinks along the way into the ceremony. Examples of light drinks could include mimosas or even fruit-based iced teas. Of course, make sure non-alcoholic versions are available too. Of course, make sure your ushers or caterer removes any empty glasses prior to the ceremony.