3 Tips That You Might Not Have Read From a Bridal Magazine

Several bridal magazines offer wedding tips. That said, you can expect surprises as they don’t cover everything. Each bride will have their own unique experiences and story to tell.


That said, here are 3 tips that you might have not read from a bridal magazine:


1: Assign Someone to Help Create Space

One bride found it difficult dealing with many people throughout the day. At some point, she began to move away when people got closer to her. She had reached sensory overload. For this, have someone who can create space for you. Like a family member or a friend. This will prevent you from feeling tired when you meet people on your special day.


2: Trust Your Guests

Some weddings might be offbeat. Family members or friends worry about how guests will enjoy the experience. As it turns out, the uniqueness fascinates guests. They enjoy being a part of it too. Some elements were recognizable – rings, ceremony, bride and groom. But other details were different to keep people attentive. In other words, the guests embraced the ‘journey’ just as one bride hoped.


3: Provide a Detailed Handover to People You Trust in Advance

After you planned the wedding, you’ll have to hand it over to someone else. Someone you can trust completely. It could be a sister or cousin. It should be someone who has been with you throughout the planning process. Make sure you debrief them in detail on how you want the entire wedding day to go.


Link: http://offbeatbride.com/2010/10/top-10-tips-for-obbs/