Three Simple Ways to Cut Down on Wedding Expenses

downloadEven if the average wedding in the United Kingdom adds up to about 22000 pounds, there are ways by which you cut down expenses. Whether it pertains to the wedding ring or venue, reception suites and the like, there are a number of ways by which you can drop that overall figure lower or prepare for these costs. Having said that, here are 3 simple ways to cut down on wedding expenses in the near future:

#1: Finding the Ring
Before you ask the question, it’s a good idea to find a ring first. Most advertisers would have you believe that it costs two months salary. However, you can find it for much less. Not only can you find cheap jewellers but also second-hand rings as well. Apart from this, hand-me-downs as well as trading Tesco points for Goldsmiths vouchers are good ideas too.

#2: Find Out How Much You Can Afford
Most couples make a want-to-have list and then check how much money it can cost when it should ideally be the opposite. In other words, check as to what you can afford for the wedding celebration and then set out to find available bargains that will fit both the want-to-have list and your budget.

#3: Everyday Savings Matter Towards Your Weddings
No matter what you think, saving a little money everyday can matter towards the big day especially if it’s a year or two away. All you have to do is make small sacrifices by cutting out anything that you spend money on but don’t need. The simplest example would be to save 2 pounds everyday on crisps and Coke and which will add up to 730 pounds in a year.