The Modern Art of Chivalry

Written by New York Socials

Chivalry is not just for medieval knights. In fact, chivalrous behavior is still relevant in the modern world and many women look for this unique code of conduct before they will even give you the time of day. As the provider of elite dating services in NYC, I’ve noticed that many people are confused about chivalry and whether it applies to the modern world of dating. The answer is yes.

The problem arises when it’s done out of the notion that a woman is helpless. However, modern chivalry can be a language of affection, a certain code of conduct that reveals how you feel about someone. So how can you adopt the rules of chivalry without making the modern woman feel helpless?

Know the fundamental rules of chivalry. Open doors, pay for the first date, and allow her to order first, always. Learning the basics will definitely set you apart from men who don’t exhibit considerate and courteous behavior toward women and people in general. You don’t have to overdue them, either. If she is closer to the door, for example, you don’t have to run ahead just to open it.

While most of the basics apply today, there are a few rules that are clearly out of style, including ordering for her at a restaurant, standing up when she enters the room, and beating someone up to defend her honor. If you need help with the basics, you can talk to a dating coach or join our high end dating service in NYC.

Do it from the heart. Okay, so you’ve mastered the basics of chivalry, but you’ve got a bad attitude while you’re doing it. Or worse, you’re not consistent about it. Not a good idea. Chivalrous behavior should reveal something deeper, that you care about being considerate and courteous to the people in your life. Even if it’s not second nature, keep practicing it until it is. A real woman can tell the difference between a gentlemen and a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Every time you open a door, for example, remember why you’re doing it – to show her that you respect her and possibly even care for her.

Adapt to the relationship. Although it’s important to learn and master the basics of chivalry, you will find that some woman prefer certain acts over others. The woman you’re dating might not want to order first, and might prefer that you order for her. The key is to adapt to the woman you’re with and make sure that the certain acts you’re doing make her feel appreciated and loved.  
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