Some Tips for Buying Jewellery with Lasting Value

various-jewellery-piecesYou can learn a lot from speaking with dealers like Cynthia Findlay Antiques, especially when it comes to buying valuable jewellery that will last a lifetime. You need to know a lot more than just the 4 Cs. Here is some advice, from professionals, about what to look for in a good piece and how to protect your investment.


Antique engagement rings with diamond stones sound like they ought to be a really great buy. The reality is that diamond engagement rings didn’t rise in popularity until the 1930s, making them relatively young compared to rubies and sapphires. Rubies and sapphires were far more prominent, so they’re likely to be more valuable.

Buy for Your Budget

Vintage engagement rings can be costly, but earrings or pendants might better fit your budget. If you feel you need an antique ring, buy some costume jewellery in the meantime to mimic the look and take some of the pressure off yourself to buy. This will let you save for the piece you want, rather than the piece you can afford at the time you decided to take a look.

Build Relationships

If you get to know jewelers and appraisers in your area, you’ll have the first crack at any new art deco rings that may come in. Take the time to talk with others about the pieces you’re interested in, what you love about antiques, and show off some of your collection.


The final tip is the most practical. If you just spent $20,000 on the jewellery of your dreams then you need an insurance policy to cover theft or damage to it. Doing anything less could result in a loss of investment.