Five hot wedding cake trends

aweddingideasYou can get inspiration for your wedding cake by drawing inspiration from different aspects of your wedding. For example, get inspiration from your wedding venue, your dress or your love for modern simple designs. Here are five hot wedding cake trends that will inspire you.

Metallic cakes – These cakes are stylized, glamorous with an old Hollywood vibe. Look at adding metallic in the form of delicate embroidery or by modernizing the trend with geometric shapes for a fresh feel. You can even add it as sheen to give sparkle to your cake.

Ruffled cakes – All over sugar ruffles are subtle and give a light airy feel. These cakes need very little to make them look spectacular. Just add some fresh or sugar flowers in between the ruffles and your cake is ready to wow your guests.

Naked cakes – These deconstructed cakes, show off the inside of your cake’s layers. They best for summer, garden weddings that are rustic and simple. Finish off these cakes with seasonal fruits or flowers.

White-on-white wedding cakes – These cakes can be traditional and elegant with their all white embellishments. Add to your cake by including tiers with detailed embroidery and jewel embellishments.

Painted wedding cakes – These cakes are artsy and have a marble effect, similar to stained glass. Pair yours with solid colored levels to highlight the marble layers.