3 Traditions that will never die and why

aweddingideasArticle Written by : Fresh Boutique

When planning a wedding, the word “tradition” can come up a lot in conversation. Although some traditions are considered old fashion, here are 3 traditions that are tied to history and will never go out of style.

The Wedding Cake – This tradition dates back to ancient Greece, where couples shared sesame cake to improve fertility. In present times, wedding cakes have changed from naked cakes to cupcake towers, but the idea remains the same. Sharing your cake with your partner and your guests, symbolizes your union, which will always be in style.

The Bridal Shower – This tradition started in Holland. If the father of the bride did not approve of the man she chooses to marry, he would not give her a dowry. Therefore her girl friends would shower her with gifts, so that she would have a dowry. Present day bridal showers can include a spa day, high tea, a night out or even a mini vacation. However, the sentiment remains the same; the bridal shower is the bride’s friends and families way of showing the bride their support and love.

Not Seeing Each Other – Not seeing each other before the wedding day, provides a sense of anticipation and romance. Since you have spent so much time and effort on making sure you look your very best, holding back from seeing each other can be a very emotional moment for most couple. The big reveal can also make for a great photo shoot.