How to choose your bridesmaids’ dresses?

Choosing your bridesmaids’ dresses could be tricky. Depending on the number of girls you are having as bridesmaids, you might have to adapt the dress as per each of their body types to make the dresses more flattering. Some of the tips below might give you additional ideas on how to go about with you choice.

Involve your bridesmaids
Easier said than done. The dress should first and foremost suit the bridesmaids and so their opinion should be sought before deciding on the dress they would be wearing. After all, the bridesmaids should feel comfortable and happy in their dresses too.

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Style and size
If your bridesmaids have different body types, opting for a simple and elegant dress design would yield a good effect on everyone. A complicated design might not necessarily complement the curves of everyone. A-line skirts or empire waists on dresses tend to flatter all body types. You might also consider a dress that your bridesmaids would be able to wear to another event.

The design and color of your bridesmaids dresses would be complementary to your own dress without necessarily looking the same. For the dress color, you might opt for a color that features in your theme. For instance, if your theme is autumn, you might dress your bridesmaids in a gorgeous orange color. Test the color on their complexion first before choosing the dress. Pastel hues tend to look good on fair complexions but might seem too distracting on darker complexions. Brighter colors tend to be more flattering for everyone.