Cleaning and Care Tips for Antique Jewellery

Antique jewellery pieces need to be handled with delicacy.

Nothing embodies pure beauty than perfectly preserved antique engagement rings. But, how many rings, aside from facilities that preserve them, do you see nowadays that are in pristine condition? Over time, antique pieces will go through the physical wear and tear of any type of jewellery, especially if they’re often used. However, these century-old treasures shouldn’t be treated like your normal jewellery pieces. They require delicate cleaning and safe storage. If you’re looking to clean some of your antique jewellery, it’s important that you be wary of their fragility as any harsh scrubbing could cause irreversible damage. Here are some tips on how to clean some of your finest antique jewellery pieces.


In order to prevent your antique pieces from wearing on each other, store it in a cotton-lined box at a moderate room temperature. Drastic temperature fluctuations can cause damage to any piece of jewellery because of the materials’ sensitivity to hot and cold. If you’re planning on wearing your jewellery, don’t forget that perfume, makeup, and skin oils can cause significant damage to your pieces. A little precaution can definitely go a long way when it comes to preservation.


When dealing with an antique piece of jewellery, it’s always better to under-clean it than over-clean it. Too much pressure can cause a stone to pop out or the enamel to break. Additionally, never use an ultrasonic cleaner to clean antique jewellery. The vibrations can easily destroy your precious art deco rings with ease. In addition to this, avoid store-bought solutions as many of them have harsh chemicals.

If you’re looking for a professional clean, many jewellers such as Cynthia Findlay, of Cynthia Findlay Antiques, can provide you with expert advice on how to approach the cleaning procedures in a delicate fashion. It’s best to see it in person as they will show you the proper cleaning method.

Every piece of jewellery requires care. Whether it’s custom jewellery from Toronto or an antique engagement ring, remember to always keep a watchful eye on its condition.