Bridal Bouquet Tips and Ideas

bridal bouquetThe bridal bouquet is one of the most important “accessories” on your wedding day and choosing the most appropriate one for your dress and wedding theme is important. The following tips can help you decide on the kind of bouquet to opt for.

Size matters
Brides might think that the larger their bouquet is the better it would be. But drawing a lot of attention to your bouquet will actually take all the attention away from your dress. The bouquet should complement your dress. Carrying a big and heavy bouquet can also be cumbersome and uncomfortable.

Long-lasting flowers
Opt for flowers that tend to last longer as you would most probably have to carry your bouquet for a whole day until the reception party.

If you choose a dress that is of a shaded white color, it would look more elegant to choose flowers that complement the shade of your dress. The whole effect would be more harmonious. Show your florist your dress or a sample of your fabric and work together at designing the perfect bouquet.

Themed bouquet
On the other hand, you can also consider matching your bridal bouquet to your table decoration or wedding theme. In that case you could go for a pop of colour or create a unique bouquet inspired by your wedding theme. You might also create a bouquet from flowers that are in season at the time of your wedding. Summer bouquets or spring bouquets look particularly pretty for weddings.