3 Bridal Beauty Tips Worth Considering

There is a lot of wedding advice out there about wedding days beauty tips. Of course, they’re important given that they cover the main aspects of the days – hair, makeup and clothes and the like.

Yet there are other important bits of advice that are usually overlooked. Here are 3 pieces of bridal beauty advice worth considering:


1: Use HD Makeup

It’s not only television that is going HD. HD Makeup as an option is available too. This type of makeup will offer a ‘perfect’ that even smoothes over skin that is problematic. Best part: you will look amazing in photos. During your trial, ask your makeup artist to try HD foundation to see if you like the way you look. Of course, the Dior Airflash foundation is an excellent alternative just in case you don’t like HD makeup.

2: Don’t Forget to Use a Fan

It’s imperative that you get your makeup done in a ventilated area. This will avoid a situation where you either perspire or overheat or both. So, check to see if the area in which you are getting ready has air-conditioning or has decent circulation. If no, then get a fan so that you stay cool.

3: Buy fresh products

Your wedding is the best day to try out fresh products that are your favorite. However, it is not a good idea to try on new products on your special. Still, at least buy fresh lip gloss and have your maid of honor hold onto it for you so that you come out looking fabulous in all your wedding day photographs.